Parga, Preveza

Parga is a beautiful town in Preveza prefecture and constitutes an excellent touristic resort, attracting visitors from the whole Greece. It is located southwest of Ipirus, near Acherontas River and Igoumenitsa, and opposite there are the picturesque islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi. It is 420km far away from Athens and 512km from Thessaloniki.

It is a beautiful traditional built-up area, amphitheatrically built in the fringes of the Venetian castle with a history of many centuries and a lot of natural beauties.

Narrow paving streets rising to the castle hill, the verdurous islet of the Virgin with its scenic country church, tasteful two and three-storey houses with wooden balconies and tiled roofs in accordance with the local popular architecture, are some of the lovely scenes the visitor meets in Parga.

Each summer Parga attracts thousands of visitors, as it has got excellent touristic substructures with a lot of hotels, lodgings, campings, restaurants, bars, cafes and night clubs.