Mountain bike

Mountain Bike

What is Mountain Bike?

Mountain bike is a bicycle specially designed and built to move away from the streets of the city, on rough terrain and with great slopes. These conditions require a sturdy construction, especially rubber tires, very strong brakes and shock absorbers, and a special (18 to 27) gearbox that facilitates cycling on uneven terrain and hills. Mountain biking started in America about twenty years ago, and lastly has a huge recognition and earns loyal friends. Particularly popular in Greece, since weather conditions are ideal. Since 1996, the mountain bike belongs to the Olympic sports.

Do you need special education?
A basic requirement is, of course, to know a bicycle. However, in the case of mountain bike, additional training is needed, because the ground conditions are demanding and there is a risk of injury. Training is done on the use of speeds and the passage of abrupt points (downhills, rocky terrain, water, dropped logs, etc.). There are bodies and schools who undertake to teach you the basics, and then gradually with your practice you will perfect your technique.

Where and When Is It Happening?
You can go mountain bike almost everywhere in nature. Across Greece one can find trails and enjoy cycling in nature. Such routes in the area of ​​the capital exist in Parnitha, Varibobi, Penteli, and Dionysos. But more information on mountain bike rides will be available from local cycling clubs. Mountain biking is all year round, but mostly in autumn and spring. In the summer due to high temperature it is only indicated in the morning and afternoon hours.

Construction Specifics

> Frame (skeleton). The skeleton of a mountain bike is made of many kinds of materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The two most important are the specially processed steel (alloy) and aluminum. The first one is very durable, easily repaired and is the cheapest. It has the disadvantage of being heavier than other materials. Aluminum is lighter, more rigid than steel and is a bit more expensive. Then we go into more specialized materials, such as carbon fiber, and even titanium alloys. Of course these materials have advantages, but they cost a lot more and do not relate to someone who starts the sport.

> Tires. A mountain bike distinguishes itself first and foremost from its large trailing tires. They circulate in many types and in many combinations depending on the ground in which you wish to move. Tire pressure also plays a key role. This is a big and complex issue that may seem confused to the beginner, but with education and practice he will learn to make the right choices.

> Wheels. On a good mountain bike the wheels are made of aluminum for weight reduction.

> Gear. Essential for every mountain bike, it is made up of the chain, the front and rear wheel gears and the switch that changes gears