What is Hydrospeed?
The lovers of the river as they go and get up, almost every day you see rafting boats, hot dog kayaks, and every other kind of floating means to get down the river.

The constant search for adventure and maximum enjoyment in any unusual way in the river created the hydrospeed.

The story of the sport begins in 1970 when three French bridges (!) Had the crazy idea to swim a rushing river with the help of a float. For this, they were called “swimmers of the impossible”. In 1978, the first hydrospeed float was built by a French company, and the sport developed with races and a special regulation.
In Greece, hydrospeed was slow to come, coming up with rafting and hot dogs.

The necessary;
Float flippers, good outfit and a lot of madness. Permanently in the water, like a fish, we absolutely feel the power of the river, the ripples push us, and we have direct contact with the momentum of the water.

With the adrenaline at the maximum we descend the river, with the head in front. Of course there is a leader, whom we must follow, and we hear faithfully. There is a briefing, and once the currents and dangerous points that need attention are highlighted, we enter the water and the fun begins. This sport is aimed at those who have previous rafting experience and are looking for even more adrenaline. It starts in March, and until June, it is very pleasant to get down because the water is enough and there is no problem with the rocks.