Cine Creta Maris: A summer cinema in the heart of Hersonissos is reopening

Creta Maris Beach Resort created the first summer cinema Cine Creta Maris in the Hersonissos area 42 years ago, offering the most pleasant memories to local and international audiences. Tomorrow, Thursday, June 15, begins its reopening, enabling residents of the wider region and tourists to enjoy the best summer movies in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

“Summer cinema is an institution connected not only to our childhood but also to the image of the old Hersonissos. It is a space that travels the mind and the soul. In recent years, it is considered a culturally protected institution and this is the main reason why the Creta Maris hotel decided to reopen it, “the company said.

Cine Creta Maris is on the site of Creta Maris Beach Resort, and according to the company, it has the largest space on a European scale, as well as all amenities. From Thursday 15 June, during the summer, it will be one of the best choices for evening out and fun for the company and the family.

There will be screened Greek Prime Films A, with a ticket price of 8 euros, and a special price of 5 euros for children, unemployed and elderly people. A special rate of € 6 for group bookings of more than 15 people will also be available. Every day there will be two screenings showing a new movie every Thursday.